In late 2023 through early 2024 I delivered a series of creative engagements at Talkin Tarn, with a group of participants from Carlisle Sight Support, a charity that works with and supports blind and partially sighted people living across Cumbria with the support of artist Amy Boud
I focused the work on deep listening, taking an influence from Pauline Oliveros, also looking at the resonant acoustic character of parts of Talkin Tarn and, generally working with the group to gain a sense of what they wanted to learn from the environment and how we could bring their character to the space also.
The work culminated in the production of a set of ‘Sonic Cameras’. These were large ear trumpet style devices that could capture and playback audio snapshots. This became a good method for gaining confidence and exploring the woodland environment. Then the group were tasked with recording audio diaries using magnetic tape that they then brought back to the environment and used to interact with resonant spaces.
The final part of the project was a live performance of this work for Fellfoot Radio at EVAN Gallery in Penrith.
The shows embedded below take you through the work created in descending order (newest first).
Thank you to Mark Costello at Carlisle Sight Support, Samantha Trainer and Dylan Hardy at North Pennines National Landscapes and John Coburn at the Wild Museum. And a big thank you to all the members of Carlisle Sight Support for their generous spirit and sense of adventure.

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