Commissioned by the North Pennines AONB Partnership’s Fellfoot Forward Landscape Partnership Scheme in 2022. Part of the Everything Changes, Everything Stays The Same programme.

It involved an investigation of the changing landscape around the Hallbankgate stretch of the North Pennines AONB and UNESCO Global Geopark.
The project resulted in a number of eengagements, workshops, exhibitions and publications.
The key concept that catalysed and focused this work was ‘Thresholds’. We find ourselves at a point of anxiety about the environmental thresholds we are crossing in terms of climate change, we turn on the news to learn about global conflicts over geopolitical borders. We struggle on a personal level with thoughts around class, education, how we present ourselves in different social situations and how we access services and culture as a result. These are all big and overwhelming subjects. Dominic’s creative engagements gently looked at how we approach thresholds, starting with local environmental change to help build resilience through understanding of types of change and how we manage it in our own lives.
Exhibition at Hallbankgate Hub, 18 October - Sunday 13 November 2022
Engagement activity
The Books
The Mural
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