Between wind and water is an artist’s film-based project that makes a clear connection between Sunderland’s history and its present as a place filled with creativity and ingenuity. Made in 2017
The film made use of flying camera drone footage to show the changing landscape surrounding the city and its river from a bird's eye view. It is being edited alongside recorded stories that connect Sunderland’s past and present during a period of change. ‘Between wind and water’ is a unique journey down the Wear that shows us how history flows from the future to the past.
The project came about as a result of my participation in Sunderland 10 x 10  as an Artist in residence working with Siglion. It is also supported by Creative FUSE and I am really grateful to Sunderland Maritime Heritage Museum and Sunderland Shorts, short film festival for their support throughout. This is an Arts Council England Funded Project.

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