Queen' Hall Hexham - Saturday 8 July – Saturday 26 August 2017
Artists: Andrew Gryf Paterson, Louise Mackenzie, Sneha Solanki.
Curated by: Dominic Smith
Feed was a show of work by artists whose natural curiosity about the world has led them to become engaged in lively technologies like bio-hacking, permaculture and agriculture.
The title ‘#FEED’ suggests a fresh and inquisitive way of working that these artists have as they keep track of new technologies and ideas. It also illustrates the networked, connected nature of their work.  They engage with more than one field and as they work they communicate and share new ideas and knowledge between artistic, scientific and agricultural communities.   
Each artist in the show has their own diverse practice that is enhanced by collaboration with others. We have work such as The A to Z Unit by Sneha Solanki who is currently working in collaboration with artist Alexia Mellor. The A to Z Unit sets out to probe habitats and systems for modified microorganisms (MMOs) & engineered microorganisms (EMOs). It included new work by artist Louise Mackenzie, Food For Thought. Louise works with experts in genetic medicine and is exploring advances in biotechnology and their creative potential. There was also a piece by artist Andrew Gryf Paterson who created a new version of Allotment Games, a game developed as part of a ‘Finnish Scottish Polish artist illustrator collective’.

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