Hexham High Street 9-12 September 2021
Curated By Dominic Smith
An investigative programme of commissioned and community-created animations that evoke memories of Hexham’s historic streets, people and buildings. The work was exhibited as a series of large projections in shop windows across the high street.
Five artists were selected and commissioned to make work for the project: Erin McGrath, Jason Kerley, Ed Murray, Petra Szeman, Ronan Devlin and Rozi Fuller. We also recruited animator Sheryl Jenkins to develop a body of workshops and engagement activities, guiding local families in the development of their own animations for the final showcase. The families that took part got to work with a range of exciting artists including artist Rachel Lancaster who led a Foley Sound effects Workshop (Foley - the art of making sound effects using household objects) and writer Becci Sharrock who ran a creative writing workshop.

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